Liip web tool supports Amnesty International activists

Amnesty International web tool

The Amnesty International Swiss section office is using a new web tool, developed by Liip, to ease the planning and evaluation of the human-rights actions of Swiss activists.

Whether organizing an info stand or a movie night – a group's first step is to register the planned activity with the Amnesty office in Bern using the new web tool.  Thanks to the systematic interfaces and data collection provided by the tool, the organization can update their publications' event calendars and also compile statistical information. As a final step, the planners are able to share feedback on the success of their action Antonia  Bertschinger, working for Amnesty International Switzerland, summarized the use of the tool saying, "Our office as well as the activists benefit of a much simpler and more efficient way to plan and evaluate their activities".

Liip developed the two-tier web tool with the help of the Symfony2 PHP framework. Thanks to the solid base offered by the framework, the Liip developers could devote extra attention to meeting the user's specific needs. User stories were discovered and elaborated together with the client. The user's stories were prepared in short development cycles in which they were tested and demonstrated regularly in a staging environment before the tool was released. For  frequent and smooth deployments, the team used the Debian packaging solution put forward by Liip. This experience shows that the scrum framework, as well as Symfony2, can be applied successfully on rather small client projects

Liip is proud to support Amnesty International by providing a considerable portion of the development as part of a sponsorship agreement.