Liip rebuilds

Although the buildings, institutes and workplaces of the University of Zurich are spread across half of the city, navigation help is now available from a new user friendly, smartphone enabled mapping and orientation service

The web application displays the facilities of University of Zurich overlaid on an interactive city map with search as a central feature. Visitors to the University or members of the UZH community can search by a building's abbreviation or by auditorium number. Users can filter the results in order to find facilities such as cafeterias, food vendors and ATM machines. Floor plans are available for the larger buildings. It is also possible to browse the University maps in full screen mode.

"The success of this project is primarily the direkt result of the good collaboration between Liip and the University of Zurich. Particularly noteworthy is the strong focus on the customer experience", Alexandra Blankenhorn of the University of Zurich said at the go-live. Liip used mapping data from OpenStreetMap and supplemented this with custom graphics from the University planning department. The design was developed by our partner Ala. The interaction concept was prepared by the Liip-UX-Team (LUX) and was refined and optimized in close cooperation with Liip's development team. Developed as a responsive web application, the app adapts itself to run on tablets and smart phones such as the iPhone or on Android devices.

An API is provided to allow all UZH websites to include maps and floor plans directly on their pages. In this way becomes the University's central platform for orientation and building information.