Try out Scrawl, our new multiplayer game!

  • Jonas Schmid

We are proud to release a new iOS game that started out from an Inno day between several Liip offices.

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TL;DR: Download Scrawl from the iOS App Store and challenge your friends or strangers!

At Liip we are lucky to be able to take time to experiment new technologies and have fun with it. When we start what we call an "inno project", we always set some rules as if it was a client project:

  • Time budget
  • Technologies we want to test
  • Deadline

As we often work on inno projects when we don’t have client work, setting those rules help us making sure that the project has a worthwhile outcome.

We wanted to dig deeper into Firebase (Firestore, Cloud Function, Authentication) and add Machine Learning on mobile. We came up with a simple but fun game that includes all those technologies:

  • Create a game against another player
  • Make a drawing of a word that has been given to you randomly
  • Our custom AIℱ tries to recognize the two drawings
  • The player with the most legible drawing wins !

We teamed-up with three teams at Liip: both Mobile teams in Fribourg and Lausanne, and the Data Services team in ZĂŒrich. After a day trying different possibilities with the data coming from Quick, Draw!, we were already able to have a working prototype. A few days of work after that, we are proud to release Scrawl to the world!

Try it out !

Checkout the Scrawl website and download the iOS app!

We wanted to be GDPR-compliant. We don't store anything personal except the email used to connect. Each user has a random username. You can find your own name on the application’s home page. Use this to challenge other people you know.

Tell us what you think

Keep in mind that this is the result of work in our spare time so the game has a few rought edges. This is why we would love to get your feedback. Leave us a comment below or tweet at us!

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