Programmers in Paris: DrupalCon 2009

  • Hannes Gassert
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Anybody who is anybody in the world of Drupal is in Paris this week. With over 900 participants, DrupalCon 2009 is the largest Drupal Conference in Europe to date. Besides the opportunity to network and to exchange best practices, it's the approaching code freeze for the release of Drupal 7 that is drawing developers. As Dries Buytaert mentioned in his opening keynote address, the conference marks the kick off the first phase of the code freeze. So until Monday, it's code code code!

Liip is present with two members (Philipp Schroeder and Adrian Schwaller, make sure to meet them if you're there and read this blog!), who've come to Paris to deepen their knowledge of Drupal and make contact with friends and potential partners. And of course they will try to kindly entice the one or the other Drupal king or queen to take a closer look at our little company and its open positions.

Qu’en penses-tu?