IPC: International PHP Conference 2016 in Munich

  • David Buchmann

#overcrowded session with @dbu on #Rest #API at #ipc16 #wtc16 pic.twitter.com/tSGiB8f9W1

— phpconference (@phpconference) 25. Oktober 2016

I have been invited to Munich to do two talks at the IPC. I gave my introduction to HTTP caching with Varnish and a talk on practical tools to build REST APIs. The IPC wanted some talks in German, so the slides are in german. You can find older versions of the slides in english for HTTP caching and REST APIs. I always enjoy presenting on a topic I care about, and the discussions after the talk. I am glad to help people, and more often than not, questions lead to me having to reflect why I have that opinion or outright learning something new. The organization of the conference has been flawless and the venue in the center of Munich was very convenient.

I could not stay for very long unfortunately, but managed to sit in to a few talks. Most notable was the talk on content strategy by Neos CMS core developer Robert Lemke with a lot of valuable information. I found the slides of his talk. The other talk I managed to see was by Michael Haeuslmann on dependencies in large projects. Michael is the developer of dephpend (pronounced “defend”), a tool to analyse dependencies of your PHP code and detecting architecture violations. He advocate such tools to identify the most important places to start improving a large code base.

"we should no longer think of web as 'pages', the web is not photoshop to html. structured content enables robots." @robertlemke at #ipc16

— dbu (@dbu) 24. Oktober 2016

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