GottaGo is Number 2^H1 in the Swiss iTunes Store

  • Christian Stocker

GottaGo, the free “iPhone bring me home with public transport” application for Switzerland was officially released this Wednesday on the iTunes App Store. Get it at while it's hot.

Today it's already number 2 in the most downloaded applications from the swiss store. Plus raving reviews and some twitter buzz. Here's the proof:


GottaGo was written by our employee Marc Ammann. On his Codesofa blog there's much more information about it. And if you find bugs or have any suggestion, you can use the GGO project in our Issue-Tracker

To get all the information, GottaGo also uses a self-written mashup API using the SBB and Google Map data for providing everything needed. There's nothing like that already available. It's built with Okapi and is explained in more detail on Marc's Blog.

And we're almost sure, that this wasn't our last iPhone application :)

Update 8.8.08: It's number one now:


Qu’en penses-tu?