Finally 100mbit

  • Christian Stocker

Since last week, our Hosting Center and Office Zurich Provider Netzwirt got finally its new upstream line. From a mere 8 mbit line to a whooping 100 mbit line :) The old line was really saturated, so this switch was overdue (unfortunately it took longer than expected. The line was ordered actually some time last summer, but the new provider cablecom had to dig holes and lay new fibre cables). Now everything should be fast again and we hope, this line isn't saturated soon again.

As we couldn't take over some of the IP ranges from our old provider Cyberlink, we also had to switch some IPs of a few server. And we're still moving around some servers, so short interruptions of services can still occur, but almost all work is done. And as we are slowly moving to a completely openVZ based setup, moving virtual servers around got even easier (vzmigrate is cool, even cooler with the new –online option)

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