DRS 3 – blog off

  • Christian Stocker

Massmedia does it again. Swiss Public Radio DRS 3 reports about blogs and they don't like them :) But listen for yourself:

DRS 3 – Blog off (mp3)

And the “funny” thing is, DRS 3 had a blog, at least during the 72 Stunden event. But obviously, they realized now that blogs don't have a future, so turned it off again (or I just didn't found it on their page). Just their sister radio Virus didn't get the message, as they still have quite some blogs :)

More also at blattkritik.ch.

Update: And the blogosphere is talking about: drs3 search on Planet Switzerland.

Update 2: Via infamy I found now the DRS blog and here's the mentioned 72 Stunden category of DRS 3 

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