Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Customers obtain information from everywhere, on the go and on all devices. You improve your presence and visibility through Search Engine Optimisation (abbreviated to SEO): Meet the search needs of your customers for localised searches, getting information or comparing products.

We optimise for users and search engines. To achieve this, we record the actual state, analyse the existing channels as well as their influence on SEO measures and apply all this in the context of your online marketing activities. This creates the foundation for recommendations for optimisation and actions, for the performance review and for continuous improvement.

By working together with our specialists in the areas of content and user experience, we provide prioritised recommendations with clear benefits to your business. Our developers assist you in implementing the measures.

Fabian Ryf
Digital Analytics & Performance Consultant


Record the actual state in terms of technology and content.


Valuate and prioritise the measures drawn up.


SEO, content, UX specialists and developers implement the


Performance review of the measures implemented.


From the online goal, to the website’s structure and down to the last comma: we advise you during your relaunch project.

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