Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

The main goal of your website is to attract customers. But if your customers can't find you and you can't be seen, then it's just a bad investment. Over 93% of online searches in Switzerland start on Google.

With Search Engine Advertising (SEA) through Google AdWords, Bing Ads or Yahoo Advertising, you have a way of talking to your potential clients directly when they are looking for a service, product or related theme that you provide.

You actually CAN be the answer to their problem.

Online advertising overall and SEA gives you the ability to find out immediately whether you're making a profit on your advertising investments and base your strategic decision on precise facts over beliefs.
Search Engine Advertising follows strict Performance metrics and KPIs. You are allowed to expect strong profitability versus offline branding media for example where you can't actually calculate anything other than potential reach.

Liip concentrates on creating the most targeted setup, first by choosing the right keyword for your target audience, then by geographic targeting as your users will not be as prone to convert depending on their geographical location. By analysing day and hour data as well as device, we iterate and integrate specific strategies to improve profitability depending on when your user is most likely to be in a consideration phase and when he is most likely to convert. To improve the campaigns performance we also work on retargeting strategies using the audience data to build complex scenarios and strategies.

Solène Goussard
Digital Marketing Specialist

Campaign Audit

Analysis of your performances and setup of your paid search campaigns

Campaign Creation

Building optimal campaign structure and setup. Creation of relevant keywords and adtexts

Campaign Optimization

Daily analysis and optimization of keywords, adtexts and different parameters

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