Writing guidelines for a cantonal office (OCN)

The canton of Fribourg’s traffic and navigation office (OCN) has renewed its website. Updating texts formed a key part of the project. We gave the editorial team step-by-step support.

Office de la circulation et de la navigation

Texts that are easy to understand

The website ocn.ch is aimed at all residents of the canton of Fribourg. OCN’s services are vital for obtaining a driving licence or registration plates, or for booking a vehicle inspection.
The texts on ocn.ch were precise and meticulous, but the technical and legal information was difficult to understand. Furthermore, the vocabulary and grammatical style were complicated. We created drafting guidelines to help the team make this technical and legal information accessible to a large public.

Texts that are easy to read online

We read differently online than on paper. We skim through texts and images to find the information we need, quickly and easily. Creating short paragraphs, precise titles, and concise bullet-point lists facilitate reading online. We created online drafting guidelines and helped the team to produce texts that are easy to read online.

Texts that are optimised for search engines

Text content must be easy to find when searching on a search engine. Whether users want to take their driving test or change a vehicle’s inspection date, they do a Google search using keywords. We created easy-to-follow SEO drafting guidelines to allow the team to optimise their texts for search engines.

An internal editorial team able to address challenges

OCN put together a motivated, bilingual internal team to draft its website. However, the team was spread across different departments and fields of expertise. We provided the team with step-by-step support in updating the texts via a drafting workshop and personalised follow-up appointment.
We are delighted to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the team and to present all of OCN’s expertise to as many people as possible in an understandable way.

The website relaunch project enabled the creation of a new editorial team within OCN. This team spirit played a key part in the collaboration. Liip’s advice was also tailored to everyone’s particular needs. We were supported throughout the entire process.

Project team
traffic and navigation office (OCN)