Freitag Neo

for Freitag
  • 2017 Best of Swiss Web Gold “Creation”
  • 2017 Best of Swiss Web Silver “Business”
  • 2017 Best of Swiss Web Bronze “Mobile Web”
  • 2017 Best of Swiss Web Bronze “Marketing”

Like us, Liip believes that a rigid system corset is a thing of the past; agility and source-open systems represent the future and tends towards a DIY attitude.

Oliver Brunschwiler
Head of Brand, Freitag

Liip has made a modular, extendible platform that is agile, open source and easy to develop further. It designed story and experience elements, which are now also available to the Drupal Community.

We were able to show the full breadth and depth of our expertise through this comprehensive project. The fact that we were able offer all the services from a single source was one of the key factors for the success of the relaunch

Tonio Zemp
Product Owner

There are now two different principles of classification. On the one hand, the traditional hierarchical structure, which allows products to be systematically discovered. On the other hand, a network-like structure in which products are arranged around a story. This provides the premise for an emotionally structured brand experience.

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