Freitag City Guidelines

The navigation system supported by city insiders, offers interactive maps and videos to guide people through the urban jungle.

  • 2019 Best of Swiss Web Gold “Creation”

Together with the Liip team, we have managed to convert inspiring videos into a real on-the-go service. The Liip team consistently expanded on and further developed CITY GUIDE LINES' pioneering concept in the web design.

Katharina von Wyl
Online Communication FREITAG

While out and about, people not only need bags and clothes but also need to be able to find their way around unfamiliar urban jungles. That’s why FREITAG has developed a new navigation format based on extremely subjective tips from selected, creative locals. The navigation system is called CITY GUIDE LINES and is supported by those with insider knowledge of the city. In short videos, locals talk about their city, providing insider information about a tranquil mini golf course in Vienna, a Berlin swingers’ club for hipsters, why people should avoid Zurich’s lake area, and a district of Milan you are guaranteed to get lost in. CITY GUIDE LINES will have no trouble finding its way onto the mobile devices of modern city hoppers: “must see” and “no go” places are marked on the analogue map and can be transferred to Google Maps in just one click, ready to be taken with you on your journey so you know you are heading in the right direction.


CITY GUIDE LINES effectively synchronises a video and map application and is compatible with different browsers. Users can find valuable tips about cities using traditional navigation methods or simply by browsing the map. The videos are supported by a live-animated and interactive map. Points of interest can be exported into a personal Google Maps view with a single click. Nuxt.js with server-side pre-rendering has been used for the technical aspects, with Google Maps and Google Drive used as reliable data sources. rokka, Liip’s own product, was used for the picture hosting and video streaming.