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The cooperation with Liip has rocked from the beginning. Already at the "getting-to-know-each-other" date for the first project, we didn't beat about the bush, but started right away. Everything was always agile and uncomplicated.

Michael Walser
Project Manager Corporate Communications

Two projects, one objective

The objective was to come up with a creative solution to provide interactive networking opportunities for employees across multiple organisational areas. We created two digital tools that were brought to life on a huge touchscreen outside the company’s in-house bistro:

  1. The coffee bot serves as a conversational interface to bring staff with shared interests together for a coffee break, and to encourage joint projects.
  2. The lunch challenge is a team quiz all about the world of Energie 360°, with a joint lunch as the prize for the victorious team.

Active integration rather than passive campaigns: the coffee bot

A free coffee break with colleagues – who could say no? More than 60 of Energie 360°’s employees couldn't resist, and have networked using the coffee bot. How it works: employees use the touchscreen to select their interests and are assigned suitable conversation partners with similar interests. They then meet up for a coffee at the next available opportunity. A humorous chatbot oversees the entire process. It recognises employees via facial recognition, automatically re-selects their favourite interests on their next visit, and is equipped with the right, cheeky vocabulary for various threads of conversation.

Next-level gamification: the lunch challenge

Following the success of the coffee bot, the concept was painstakingly further developed, and the second digital campaign launched six months later: the lunch challenge. This sees team building happen using the screen. Members of staff join forces to complete a quiz on the company's core values and energy topics, where they have to add in the missing facts and figures. Every week, the team that answered the most questions correctly wins a free lunch. And best of all: in team mode, two questions are asked at once, and you can only play on once both questions have been answered. In other words, there is huge emphasis on support and team spirit, and it also helps employees to internalise the company's corporate strategy.

Data-driven design

The visual implementation of both tools was built on the Energie 360° corporate design. The lunch challenge is presented as a digital card game, where you select the right card with your finger. One special feature of the coffee bot is its data visualisation: on the start screen, all contacts are compiled into a huge network. This offers an overview of who is networking on what topic.

Privacy despite facial recognition

There can be no innovation without data protection: Energie 360° was committed to ensuring that employees’ privacy was the highest priority at every stage of the project. Privacy features therefore formed the core of the technical implementation. As a result, facial recognition is only available as an opt-in with the employee’s express consent. In addition, all data is stored locally rather than online.

An agile and iterative approach

Right from the outset, employees were involved in the creative process. This meant that the concept was constantly being tested, adjusted and finely polished on site using iterative prototyping. Using a broad spectrum of staff in terms of age, gender and affinity for technology ensured the project was approached from diverse perspectives. This rigorous user testing not only produced some surprising insights, but also resulted in high acceptance of the campaign among members of staff.

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