Use mobility for your customers

We develop native mobile apps for all platforms and devices. The focus is on the best user experience. We use the proven interaction patterns of the respective platform and the latest features of the operating system.

Adopt the App Stores as a distribution channel with your app for B2C customers. Playful interaction concepts increase customer loyalty for niche products and for global apps with millions of users. Using modern features like Beacons, GPS, Geofences and Augmented Reality can provide additional support to the user experience.

We use our experience from the B2C sector for B2B customers and business apps. In this way, we support your business processes with the best usability and increase the efficiency of your procedures. We integrate the app into any kind of third-party systems like CRM or ERP.

Claes Lennman
Business Developer, Product Owner

Native Apps

  • Native user interface
  • Libraries from third-parties are available in full
  • New OS features are available immediately


  • Common code base
  • Centralised deployment

User experience

  • Coordinated user experience
  • User testing
  • Use of the design patterns of the platforms


  • Integration into back-end systems
  • API and REST API
  • CRM, ERP
  • SAP

Latest Technologies

  • GPS
  • Beacons
  • Geofences
  • Augmented Reality
  • AI and Bots


One.Thing.Less AG empowers and enables individuals around the world to regain control over their personal data in an easy and secure way.

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