Getting the most out of your data

Digital products in the form of websites, apps or platforms continuously need and deliver data. This data forms the basis of innovative products that we combine with the appropriate technology and adapt for your end users.

An interdisciplinary team will work with you to realise your innovative ideas. Data scientists (PhD) and award-winning designers combine technical expertise with a unique user experience.

Understanding and delighting your customers

Improve the user experience of your digital products with personalisation, recommender systems or virtual assistants and chat bots. Enhance your apps’ functionality with cutting-edge machine learning methods such as image and voice recognition.

Making decisions based on data

Our data scientists and data visualisation specialists can help you to analyse your data using the latest methods and to easily visualise complex facts, so you can make the right decisions.

From prototype to production-ready solution

We advise you on getting the most out of your data and integrating it into your products. Together, we select the most suitable technology, with a focus on SaaS and open source solutions. After implementation, we help you to operate and maintain these systems.

Cheaper thanks to intelligent automation

Save costs by automating processes and having complex tasks handled automatically with the help of machine learning.

Thomas Ebermann

Machine Learning

Regression analysis
Personalised content
Recommender systems
Virtual assistants and chat bots

Deep Learning

Image recognition
Voice recognition

Data visualisation

Interactive apps


Find things intuitively and efficiently
Enrich content with open data
Real-time search


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