Content Strategy & Development

The Magic Trick: Content Performance
The beauty of the digital world: We can measure what works and adjust where necessary. This makes users happy – because they get what they truly want. And it’s makes businesses happy because satisfied users eventually become customers. This is why at Liip, content is based on performance.

Our Focus: Content Experience
Despite the digital transformation, people are still people: they only look at what interests and affects them. No matter how technically advanced our measuring systems may be, nothing is more important than a positive user experience. And at Liip, we engineer those experiences.

Our Goal: Happy Users & Improved Sales
Focusing on both the experience and the performance creates a win-win situation for users and businesses. And it's good for Liip because we get to do what we love: developing truly great content from strategy to production, together with our clients.

Caroline Pieracci
Senior Content Strategist

Content architecture

  • Developing focal topics
  • Content planning using a content matrix


  • Tonality guidelines
  • Writing guidelines
  • SEO guidelines


  • Topic and editorial planning
  • Content production
  • Content distribution


  • Editorial processes
  • Performance dashboards

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