Digital analytics

Digital channels and platforms provide continuous data about the users, their use of the functions and their buying behaviour. We support you in launching a data-driven digital strategy.

We define a KPI framework based on your business objectives, which ensures the measurability of your digital presence. As a result, your decisions are based on data in the future and the performance of your presence can be improved in a targeted and continuous manner.

The solution can be implemented technically with Google Analytics, Piwik or an individual Tracking API. Maintaining and expanding the integration, creating reports and dashboards as well as refining the questions asked, form the basis for a digital analytics culture.

Fabian Ryf
Digital Analytics & Performance Consultant


Definition of goals and  KPI.


Implementing the defined configuration.


Maintaining and expanding the integration. As well as creating dashboards and reportings.

Training courses

Training and coaching to build up internal knowledge.

Freitag Neo

Neo is the new e-commerce and content platform from Freitag. The website with its own online shop has been supplemented with stories and emotions.

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