Unlock collaboration to deliver maximum value.

Scrum is a simple approach to complex problems. In the VUCA world, we are using Scrum to effectively develop digital products and services for our clients. Scrum tightly integrates business and technical expertise in autonomous, nimble, learning teams.

Agile development is part of our DNA, we have been using Scrum for more than 10 years now. We offer accompaniment to support your organisation in achieving sustainable growth of your delivered value, while improving quality and planning visibility.

Your benefit

Empower your team with a mindset, principles and tools to collaboratively tackle common challenges in a self-organised way. With our accompaniment we help your team to stay focused and committed and the product owners to deal with incoming requests and prioritize in the best way for your organisation. Our coaches enact Scrum roles on a daily basis in production teams and have solid software engineering experience, which guarantees a hands-on, practical approach. By inviting everyone — from end-users to developers — to play the game, chances of success are increased, natural biases are reduced, and better ways of working together are uncovered.

Our approach

Collaboration, co-creation and co-reflection are the trade secrets that we openly share with our clients from day one. And because change is difficult in any environment, we work on building trust and empowerment daily.

Our approach is to coach iteratively and pragmatically, based on concrete hypotheses and a measurement of the progress.

Are you ready to take the first step? Or did you already initiate a Scrum adoption process that needs a boost? Contact our Scrum coaches. Together, we’ll Identify the next actions, which could be one of our existing formats: an inspirational keynote, an introductory workshop, in-house facilitation of a Scrum event, or any other intervention.

Our accompaniment includes teaching, coaching and mentoring the people involved in Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development roles. Do you want to benefit from our expertise? Contact us now.

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