Discover and adopt a new way of work

Holacracy® is an answer to a changing world, merging the best parts of Sociocracy and Democracy into a coherent and minimal ruleset for the workplace. Holacracy aims at maximizing both autonomy and collaboration.

Liip operates with Holacracy since 2016. This makes Liip one of the oldest Holacracy-powered company in Switzerland.

To accompany swiss companies and institutions on their way towards self-organisation is also what we love doing. As Certified Holacracy Coaches and Licensed Holacracy Provider, we support you in transforming your structure and ways of working.

Holacracy and Switzerland

A small yet growing number of companies of all sizes and sectors across Switzerland are adopting Holacracy with success.

Holacracy fits swiss work culture in many ways. Both value the creation and delivery of value over hierarchy. Furthermore, conciseness, efficiency, distribution of authority and humble leadership – all fundamental principles of Holacracy – are highly regarded in Switzerland.

Holacracy does not play against compliancy. To our surprise, we found out that Holacracy helped during an ISO certification process.

Discover the potential

Are you ready for a boost? What would Holacracy mean for your company? Discover this new management system and make up your mind during a public discovery workshop (Holacracy and Self-organisation), or contact us to organize a first meeting, an inspirational speech, a Liip tour or an inhouse discovery workshop to get your team / organization to discover it.

Discover what Holacracy brought to Liip, how powerful it is to be tension-driven, or how Holacracy radically transforms decision-making.

Get started with Holacracy

With consideration for the specific needs of your organization, we will guide you through the deployment of this new way of organizing in a series of Holacracy trainings and coachings. Unlike a big reorganization, adopting Holacracy happens in a distributed and organic manner. We will also accompany you in findings way to marry your existing agile practices (like scrum or other agile processes with Holacracy).

Evolve the practice

Our aim is your autonomy, yet we know that every business transformation goes through ups and downs. That’s why we support your organization with specific Holacracy coaching and advanced trainings when needed. A holacratic transformation of your organization will also invite the evolution of other elements of your organization, like your salary system, HR processes and compliance to swiss labour law. Our pioneer experience and expertise in these matters will help you to take the right adaptations.

The following tools will help you deepen your practice of Holacracy:

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