Google Analytics

What it’s all about

Google Analytics is an analytics tool that enables you to keep a constant eye on how users behave on your website, from anywhere and at any time: visitor numbers, sales, bounce rate, conversions. In turn, this enables you to continually optimise your content and the user journey or functions you have designed and implemented.
Google Analytics allows you to measure your business goals in the digital world: you define your individual KPIs and Google Analytics supplies you with data, from registrations for your newsletter through to products sold. In addition, other services such as the Google Search Console can be linked with Google Analytics easily.

What you get

Quite a lot: first of all, our analytics specialists use an analytics audit to examine your existing analytics installation, no matter whether you are using Google Analytics or another analysis tool. This shows you the weaknesses and optimisation potential of your current analytics solution. Suppose you are not using Google Analytics yet. In that case, we will evaluate together with you, whether it is the right solution for your needs, in comparison to alternative analytics tools such as Matomo or similar.

Once you have chosen an analytics solution, we provide you with straightforward support wherever you need specialist expertise: with defining KPIs, with integrating tracking measures from the tracking plan we developed. And with targeted workshops and coaching sessions for you and your team, for example on how to properly use Google Tag Manageror how to integrate Google Analytics into your marketing processes.

Good to know

We have been using Google Analytics for our customers for many years, and are convinced of its benefits. For example, Google Analytics stores the data it collects on its own servers, and therefore has access to this and numerous other data sources. This has pros and cons: we provide you with independent, honest advice about whether Google Analytics is the right analytics tool for your goals and environment.