Teal Culture and Agile Minds

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Your challenge: take engagement to a new level

Corporate culture plays a key role in an organisation’s success. Given this, you are looking to move away from traditional organisational structures, based on rigid hierarchies and an unequal balance of power, towards more of a Teal culture, a culture of self-responsibility and wholeness with a sense of purpose at its core. A culture that is brought to life by self-organised employees. But how do you tackle this cultural change? How can you activate your organisation’s collective intelligence and foster more agile minds?

Our response: transformation towards Teal culture

We agree with Frederic Laloux, a Belgian who described the three pillars of Teal companies in his revolutionary 2015 book "Reinventing Organisations": self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose. For this to succeed, there are certain cultural requisites – such as transparency, trust and autonomy – that need to be established and cultivated within your company. Only this can take your employees’ commitment to a new level. Admittedly, this all sounds rather abstract at first, so the coaches from our New Work team are on hand, offering expertise that has already helped numerous businesses on their path to becoming a Teal company. Why us? Because we at Liip live Teal and agile values on a daily basis.

What we do

We take the time to precisely examine your company’s particular situation. We work with you to look at the underlying conditions and create a Teal & agile company roadmap. We help you establish a feedback and coaching culture and lay together the foundations for transparency, trust and autonomy. This can be a one-off intervention or can cover the entire transformation process, from presentations on Teal culture & agile minds through to individual coaching sessions. Where it make sense to do so, we can supplement these measures with methods from our Agile teams & processes and Agile organisation expertise.

The pay-off

Exactly what you are looking for – a new level of engagement. Introducing a Teal and agile framework unlocks your employees’ potential: they feel more valued as people, and not just as members of staff. They work more autonomously, meaningfully and contentedly, thus creating a breeding ground for fruitful collaboration – and a flourishing business.

Benoît Pointet
Holacracy Coach

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