Self-organisation & Agility

Unlock the potential of your organisation

Self-organisation is an answer to increasing complexity.
We accompany organisations in the integration of new “ways of working”, bringing collective intelligence, empowerment of the unit, co-construction, transparency and agility onboard.
Liip works and grows since 2016 without hierarchy or management board.


Your best advisors are your collaborators.
The Holacracy® organisational system fosters organisational agility. Leverage the collective intelligence and talents of your colleagues for the benefits of the organisation, through autonomous and intrapreneuring teams.

Motivation coming from within

The diffusion of power and autonomy throughout the whole organisation triggers energy and motivation. This will drive the organisation towards greater achievements through smooth and incremental changes.

Develop a great culture

Self-organisation triggers cultural evolution and invites to:

  • orient through purpose and values
  • give space to every voice
  • develop transparence
  • seek advice before decision
  • decide consensually
  • unlock human potential
  • provide reflection space and feedback loops
  • personal integrity

Get started

A transition to self-management is a challenge. Liip initiated this change in 2016. We have been growing ever since. We are convinced of the benefits of power distribution. And we are your partner to make this transition work in your organisation as well.

Jonas Vonlanthen
Partner, Holacracy Coach

Agility & Scrum

  • Agility auditing
  • Scrum coaching
  • Agile projects accompaniment


  • Discovery and inspiration workshops
  • Readiness assessment


Discover and adopt a new way of work.

Self-organisation & Holacracy discovery workshop

Get insights about self-organisation & Holacracy in our workshops

Teal culture

  • Swarm intelligence workshops : Open Space, World Cafés, Realtime Strategic Change
  • Communication models, self-leadership, peer coaching

Teal systems

  • Compensation systems and ownership
  • Transparency and metrics
  • Legal compliance

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