Agile Teams and Processes

You and your team are on a mission: to dance on a moving floor

Your challenge: react more flexibly to change

As a team leader or head of department, you face plenty of challenges and constant pressure to work increasingly quickly and innovatively. To accommodate this, you may have already braved your first steps towards implementing agile processes, but it has been a bumpy road and your team has not exactly been won over. But the all-important question remains unanswered: how do you achieve goals that have become moving targets?

Our response: agile teams and agile processes

Where conventional organisational structures can be rather clumsy and slow, agile teams and processes can tackle these challenges more quickly and intelligently. Although agility has to some extent become a buzzword in the business world, we consider it more than just a load of hot air: our experienced agile coaches from our New Work team know just where the issues lie when it comes to transforming into an agile team and introducing agile ways of working.

The agile approach of boosting autonomy and trust within teams has proven its worth not only in IT departments, but also for teams in a variety of sectors, turning «lame ducks» into truly «high performing teams». These teams are then able to react better and more flexibly to change thanks to agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban.

How we do it

The transformation into agile teams and processes does not happen overnight. We support you and your team throughout the entire process and assist you not only with methodology and theory, but also practically during your day-to-day work. Our approach is to provide iterative and pragmatic coaching. In other words, we work with you to establish specific hypotheses based on the current situation, derive strategies from these, and continuously measure development. A cycle of “planning, doing, measuring and improving – and back round again. This enables you to keep constant track of your progress.

The pay-off

With agile teams and processes, you kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you ensure a happy team by giving them greater autonomy and freedom to make decisions, thus also enabling good teamwork. Secondly, your entire company becomes more flexible, faster and more able to innovate thanks to an agile mindset.

Benoît Pointet
Holacracy Coach


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