Lean Change Management

What it’s all about

Times are changing continuously. In the past, corporate change was a radical, one-off event. Today companies have to reinvent themselves over and over again. As the market and its environment evolve quickly, a one-off reorganisation is often counterproductive. Often the reorganisation is outdated before it’s implemented.

There is no point in forcing corporate change. Instead, the best approach is to be ready to act when needed. Do you want to exploit your company’s full potential, or do you feel it’s time for a change? Then Lean Change Management might the right thing. This agile approach to change can be established as a participative, iterative process, allowing you to actively control your company's transformation.

What you get

You will get a gradual, holistic process taking all possible options into account. We’ll support you with your Lean Change process until you become an agile change expert yourself.

In close collaboration with you, we identify the key driving forces, principles, and foundations. This means that together, we can trigger and ultimately implement change. Using Lean Change, a holistic, iterative approach, we establish an agile change process.

We then teach you how to act on your own to enable you to steer your company’s transformation actively. Our goal is to offer your customers a current solution while their expectations and the environment are continuously evolving.

Good to know

Corporate change must be consciously and deliberately triggered and promoted. We are here to help you direct your change on the right track so that your stakeholders and employees are also invested in the process.

Lean change means changing your focus – from managing change to managing the reactions and insights that result from change measures. We offer you numerous New Work methods and tools and teach you how to use them, wherever and whenever necessary.