What it’s all about

Greater autonomy, lower overheads: Holacracy® is a completely new way of working. No bosses, no hierarchies, just plenty of self-organisation and drive. This may sound chaotic at first, but it follows its own particular set of rules and fits astonishingly well with ISO certification. Holacracy is first and foremost about boosting an organisation’s agility and getting it ready for a changing world.
What makes Holacracy special? It is a fluid, role-based organisational structure, moving away from titles and egos and towards meaningful, independently responsible collaboration – resulting in strengthened, motivated employees with an entrepreneurial mindset. And we should know: Liip, the swiss Holacracy pioneering company, has been using Holacracy as its organisational structure since 2016, and is Certified Holacracy Provider since 2018.

What you get

Introducing Holacracy is a big step. Our certified Holacracy coaches help you to do it the right way. We work with you to develop an organisational structure tailored to your company, and support you and your team during the transformation process with Holacracy training and coaching sessions. Your previous standardised processes or operational methods such as Scrum can also be easily integrated into the Holacracy model.

Are you ready for the next level? We would be happy to answer all your Holacracy questions in a free 30-minute call. Alternatively, come and visit us to see us putting Holacracy into everyday use – or we can come to you, bringing along our inspiring Holacracy Discovery Workshop.

Did you start to introduce Holacracy and face unexpected challenges? No problem. Our coaches would be happy to take a closer look and assist you with either advanced Holacracy coaching sessions or other tools from our New Work expertise, covering areas from agile organisations to agile teams and processes and agile mindsets and Teal culture.

Good to know

Holacracy was created by American entrepreneur Brian Robertson. In the early 2010s, he developed Holacracy as an organisational model that would enable greater self-organisation, participation and transparency across all levels with just a minimum set of rules. A constantly increasing number of companies of all sizes and across all sectors worldwide have been joining the Holacracy movement ever since, including right here in Switzerland. It is no surprise that Holacracy is a good fit for Swiss working culture: it boasts efficiency, a humble management style, and a clear focus on added value.