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New ways of working for a changing world

Your challenge: staying agile and innovative

As the founder or CEO of a growing start-up or company, you know how important it is to be agile. Complexity is increasing, change is accelerating and the ability to innovate is even more important than ever. You are therefore looking to optimise your company’s structure and delegate responsibility where possible. Fewer bottlenecks, more individual responsibility. Hello agile organisation!

Our response: transform your company into an agile organisation

Agile organisation methods are part of our DNA. Agile software development has been our daily business since 2007, we have been working in self-organised teams since 2012, and we have been ioperating on Holacracy® since 2016. In other words: no bosses, but plenty of agility, leadership and drive.
Our long-standing expertise and experience in New Work, notably in agile processes holocratic methods, mean that we are tremendous assets to your agile transformation. In a nutshell, we will together agilize your organization’s structure, and bring feedback loops, trust and transparency in your organization. No big plans, but a partnership along the way in which “do, inspect & adapt” is the key to it all.
We take your employees along with us on the path to agile transformation, as they are your greatest asset – and your best advisors. Our motto: you and your team lead, we provide support. And if you need any more assistance with agile teams and processes or agile mindsets and Teal culture, we are here for you.

What we do

One-size-fits-all is not our style – instead, we analyse your company situation and its specific requirements. We then select the right tools for you from our broad toolkit of methods. This may be comprehensive accompaniment through transformation towards an agile organisation, or at first, an initial discovery workshop for you and your employees to the basics of agile organisations, or an agility assessment by mean of an employer survey to take your employees’ agile pulse. Or alternatively, it could simply be an initial call with us where you can ask every question you have about agile organisations for 30 minutes, free of charge.

The pay-off

Agile organisation offers many benefits: it streamlines decision-making processes, bring clarity regarding on processes and responsibilities, and offers incredible flexibility – all in order to continually develop your organisation and tailor it to changing circumstances. But above all, it leaves you ideally equipped for an unknown future, having gained the capacity to react in an agile way to changing dynamics.

Benoît Pointet
Holacracy Coach


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