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Customised OGD web applications


  • Architecture advice
  • Search systems
  • Usability advice and design


  • Customised software development
  • Focus on customer


  • Attractive design
  • Customized design


  • Integration of data from other systems
  • CMS connection


Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN)

Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN)

Liip designed and built the federal OGD pilot portal around the Open Source data management solution, CKAN. We also included a customisable Content Management Framework (Symfony CMF). As an OKF professional services partner, we ensure the ongoing development of CKAN and help shape the roadmap.

CKAN features:

  • Publish, update and manage open data
  • Update and manage metadata
  • Search and retrieve/store raw and metadata
  • Connect data owners

Liip is an active member of Switzerland’s Open Data community.

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