Liip Partner at the conference

Discussions, brainstorming and green-power smoothies at the Casino de Montbenon in Lausanne, 14 June 2016.

Open up public data in a free and reusable way for greater transparency, efficiency and innovation – that’s what Open Data is all about!vrir les données publiques, de façon libre et réutilisable pour plus de transparence, d'efficacité et d'innovation - c'est ça, l'Open Data!

June 14 at the Casino de Montbenon in Lausanne, business executives, politicians, public officals, researchers and open data enthusiasts from all over Switzerland will meet! As a pioneering company in the area of open data in Switzerland, we will be there with our famous Smoothie Bar.

We are a leading partner of open data

“As a pioneering company in the area of open data in Switzerland, we have helped government agencies, educational institutes and individuals to open their data conceptually and provided them with technical support. Our experience shows: open data is not primarily a technical challenge; it is predominantly a cultural challenge. We are passionate about promoting Switzerland technologically as well as culturally in this area in accordance with international standards. The aim is clear: all of us deserve more open data than what is currently available”, says Andreas Amsler, Business Developer (Liip).

Recent achievement

At the start of 2016, with the Swiss Federal Archives,, the open data portal of the Swiss public administration. 
In 2015, the catalogue open data for the city of Zurich.

Join us at the Casino de Montbenon and take part in the national debate about open data!

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