Workshop and conference at the Swiss Web Festival

  • Isaline Mülhauser

Join us for our workshop and conference! Three days of discussions, reflection and green-power smoothies at the Mad Club (Lausanne) starting on Tuesday 11 October 2016, we will be there!

The Swiss Web Festival is a meeting point for web, audiovisual, communications and new media professionals. Its aim is to share and exchange knowledge. As a leader in open source and a professional in user experience and web development, we also believe sharing knowledge is essential! This is why we will take part in this Festival!

Surround yourself with the right partners

When it comes to digital communications or web development, we find ourselves facing a huge range of partners and possibilities. These days it's essential to surround yourself with partners who are not just efficient, but also able to understand your needs. For this reason, we propose you a workshop which will help you express your needs and choosing a partner.

Workshop: Writing a brief and selecting an offer

Expressing your needs is difficult but it's essential to the success of a project. And in some situations it can be especially complex!

In this workshop, Darja, Thierry and Thomas share the keys to expressing your needs for your next project.

In just 60 minutes you'll save an enormous amount of time in the future, thanks to much more productive conversations with your future partners!

Supporting innovation through organisation

While enterprises need to innovate, it's also a risk. A management system can support the emergence of ideas and initiatives. We offer you the opportunity to discover our internal management system, which helps you to both optimise your employees' strengths and develop them (we won the Best Employers Award  in the French-Speaking Switzerland in the SME category in April 2016).

Talk: Holacracy - a new system of business management to boost effectiveness?

Isaline and Laurent explain an organisational system they use every day from the inside out.

As managers, we want a system that allows our business to achieve its objectives while using its resources as efficiently as possible.

As employees, we want a business where we can fulfil our potential and feel recognised for our contribution.

So are you ready to do away with line management?

We'll be there with our green smoothies bar, in the partners' area, during the 3 days of the Swiss Web Festival. We'd love to see you!

Join us at the Mad Club in Lausanne, try a smoothie and join us for our workshop and conference!

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