Vote for PROGR – Bern’s free art space

  • Kevin Müller
pro progr banner

What used to be a school right in the heart of Switzerland's capital, is now a bustling space for the arts. A couple of years ago, the city of Bern granted this building be used temporarily as studios, performance venue, exhibition space and offices for art professionals and institutions. This space called PROGR has become renowned and appreciated throughout Switzerland for it's lively scene and events programme.

The temporary lease ends next month and the art space is to make room for a private investor's health center. The current inhabitants have organized themselves and managed to come up with enough funding to match the price the private investor would have to pay. The city council reacted favourably to the idea of making the current art space a permanent thing and now it is up to the citizens of Bern to vote.

Liip is already supporting PROGR financially and we are naturally in strong favour of keeping this great institution alive.

We call on anyone able to vote in Bern to put in a YES for the artists initiative “Pro Progr” and a NO to the health center “Doppelpunkt” on May 17th .

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