Liip gets 4 awards at the Meilleur du Web

  • Isaline Mülhauser

Our project Houston was awarded in the category UX and Technology, whereas FAIRTIQ was awarded in the categories Innovation and Mobile. Both projects are collaborations with Schucan Management. Such a victory is the results of brillant collaborations with our clients and an intense team work!

"We are really proud to see our works awarded! These awards are rewards for the interdisciplinary teams that worked on the projects! It is the celebration of a team work which implies User Experience, Design and Development. These projects are also the results of brillant collabaration with our clients. We thank especially the Transports Publics Fribourgeois" Isaline Mülhauser, Communication, Lausanne.

HOUSTON - UX and Technology award

Houston is the innovating communication system crafted for the TPF (Transports Publics Fribourgeois). It is based on applications. Via VoIP, these applications ensure quality communication between the drivers and the central office. This communication system replaces the former radio system. Houston ensures a network coverage close to 100% and a better hearing quality. Mobiles phones are placed in the buses. The device uses for instance geolocalisation. Houston opens the internet of things (IoT) to public transportation. 

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FAIRTIQ - Innovation and Mobile award

FAIRTIQ is the easiest ticket for public transportation in Switzerland! It is also the first application in the world that allows the user to buy tickets according to the «Check- In/Assisted Check-Out» concept. So far, all passengers had to define their starting point and arrival destination before using public transportation. Thanks to FAIRTIQ. users can now check in as they hop on the bus and check out when they get out. In case they forget to check out, FAIRTIQ automatically sends a notification to the user. This notification system solves what used to be the main disadvantage of Check-In-Check-Out solutions so far. Thanks to geolocalisation, the travel is recorded and billed at the cheapest rate, according to the public transportations fare

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