Liip awarded by the Prix Balance

  • Isaline Mülhauser

[Press Release] Last October, the canton of Zurich awarded the third round of prizes to employers that offer the best conditions for achieving a positive work-life balance. Liip is honoured and proud to see its commitment to balance at work rewarded.

The Prix Balance

For the last three years, the canton of Zurich has carried out employee audits and surveys to assess their working conditions. It has received 3,673 responses to its questionnaires (1,787 from women and 1,868 from men).
The questions cover a range of topics, such as the possibility of talking about the business’s management and salary (including equal pay), whether employees can take time off work to deal with an emergency, the support the business offers to create a positive work-life balance and options for continuing training.
Among other things, the results of the survey reveal that part-time employees are more satisfied than their full-time colleagues, and that they are confident that they can adapt their working model if their personal situation changes.

A commitment to equality

“At Liip, we are also very conscious of the difficulties associated with balancing family and private life, particularly for mothers. Parental availability and paternity leave are viewed as important elements in balancing family life,” explains partner and co-founder Nadja Perroulaz. As a result, Liip invests the same amount for all new parents, which means four weeks’ paternity leave on full pay and 14 weeks’ maternity leave on full pay (eight days more than the statutory requirement). “Over half our employees work part time,” explains Nadja. We also have a transparent pay system in place that is identical for all employees, to prevent any unfair treatment in terms of salary. “We don’t intend to stop there and are examining new measures to improve staff well-being even further,” she concludes.

Liip – a high-quality employer

“At Liip, we have always been convinced of the importance of offering motivating working conditions and achieving a positive work-life balance,” says Nadja. In addition to measures to support equality, options for unpaid leave and profit sharing, the independence the teams enjoy and the options available for continuing training create a very special, highly productive atmosphere.

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