Innovation in learning systems

  • Isaline Mülhauser

Investing in our own innovation projects strengthens our competencies to innovate for the benefit of our clients

Let's create a new tool in learning

Human decision making is not perfect, but influenced by psychological, social, cognitive and emotional factors. In everyday life, individuals and organisations make decisions that can have a huge impact on society as a whole. Our tool is designed to support the user in making better decisions, by providing active learnings on cognitive biaise, focused on the needs of the banking industry.

Our e-learning team started working on an innovation project to create a new learning experience, based on a modular framework for bite-size learning. The tool will provide micro-learnings, specifically designed for the banking industry. The content that our tool will propose to the user will not only fit his/her objective, but also his/her needs. 

To achieve this objective, the tool will rely on psychology, machine learning and predictive analytics.  The content of the tool is created thanks to an external consortium of behavioral economics experts, whereas the Liipers take over all technical aspects of the tool and the organisation of the work according to Agile methods and Design Thinking. In other words, the project team is multidisciplinary, gathering people from different background and fields.

Several Activities

The prototype of the tool, below, shows the steps of its use.

Login : Create an account and schedule when/how to receive your message. Start an assessment with a set of questions to get first feed

Activities: Receive learning activities according to the personalised learning topics

Engage activities like finding biases, checklist, chatbot and Audio 

Agile methodology and Design Thinking

In conceiving this tool to support people in making better decisions, we are testing a new approach to risk management, while strengthening our competencies through a design thinking approach. We draw on our experience in agile software development to facilitate steady progress and to keep clear objectives in an innovation process. 

We challenge ourselves with an ambitious and complex project. From the act of collaborating on a new solution to a problem in a focused and structured way, we keep a high level of motivation and strengthen the team-spirit.

“There can be no innovation without the time and the freedom to think. There can be no return on investment without channeling those ideas into real projects” Kevin Mueller, Business Development, Elearning Team

Innovation at Liip

Each Team at Liip has the opportunity to launch an innovation project. Innovation projects can be extended depending on the business opportunities they bring. Providing time to work on innovation and to build up competences is part of our company's values.

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