fenaco.com: fenaco’s new online presence

  • Daniel Frey

The fenaco association’s new website aims to increase the association’s visibility without competing with the brands of its members. fenaco’s previous online presence had become outdated and was rejuvenated by Liip, becoming clear, structured and attractive.

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Agriculture goes digital

fenaco is an agricultural association with a concept dating back over a century and is owned by around 192 LANDI cooperatives and their over 42,000 members, 22,000 of whom are active Swiss farmers. Some of their best-known brands include drinks manufacturer RAMSEIER Suisse, meat processor Ernst Sutter, retailers Volg and LANDI, fertiliser supplier Landor, feed manufacturer UFA and energy supplier AGROLA. The aim of fenaco is to help farmers economically develop their businesses.

The company is celebrating its 25th birthday this year, an excellent reason to update its outdated online presence. A new company website was needed, but what would it look like – and what should it say?

The website project

The aim of the project was to achieve a simple, clearly structured appearance. The company’s website needed to be modern and attractive. The fenaco brand was to be strengthened without weakening the brands of the companies which are part of the association. These were the requirements with which we began the project. We had a clear aim, a short time frame and a modest budget.

Agile development methods and an active exchange with customers meant that the project could be implemented within a short period of time and for a relatively small budget. Two POs (product owners) worked to ensure that everything ran smoothly: fenaco’s PO recorded the requirements in the form of tickets in Jira, and Liip’s PO prioritised them in conjunction with the development team. Regular coordination and approval meetings in small groups were held for this purpose.

The website was developed using Drupal 8 to ensure a high level of flexibility and a modular structure. The design impresses with its simple colours, taken from fenaco’s corporate design, and its user-oriented menu navigation. The end results speak for themselves! We look forward to seeing how fenaco’s customers and stakeholders react.

Trust over control

We worked together to replace the outdated website and improve fenaco’s visibility without competing with the brands of its members, building on the trust placed in our collaboration and shared goals.

«Liip delivered on their promises – consulting on equal terms, strong project support, a high level of design skill, and a technically perfect solution – all on budget and on time, in what was a very pleasant collaboration. Thank you!»
Elias Loretan, Online and Social Media Manager at fenaco

«A precision landing with minimum effort thanks to a straightforward collaboration between Liip and fenaco» Daniel Frey, Liip PO

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