A space for the web community and mobile developers and Liip

  • Isaline Mülhauser

An arena for community events, a Device Lab for mobile developers with ample space for innovation. That is an accurate description of the new premises of our new office in St.Gallen.

About 20 persons gathered in the new Liip Arena in St Gallen to follow Webnesday, a community event for developers in St.Gallen. According to Fabio Santschi, Lead Link of the St. Gallen Office, this not just a one-off event. “The new central office gives us space and rooms for events of this kind. We attach enormous importance to exchanges in the community – and we are also making our own contribution.”

Open Device Lab St.Gallen

Making a contribution: with those words the team around Santschi means far more than just opening the Arena from time to time for the community. The Open Device Lab with some 18 different smartphones, tablets and virtual reality eyewear is also an integral part of the office space. “Self-employed mobile and web developers or small agencies often do not have access to a comprehensive device lab. Even if simulators for testing mobile websites and apps are good and getting better all the time, nothing can beat tests on the real device,” Kilian Schefer, initiator of the Open Device Lab, points out. The devices are available here for testing free of charge.

Development of complex system architecture and attractive design

The experts at Liip are happy to answer any questions. They are sitting in the room right next door and place their expertise at the disposal of clients such as Raiffeisen, Migros or Helvetia.  “We are perfectly familiar with complex system architectures as our cooperation with Raiffeisen proves,” Santschi points out. But the team is still more ambitious. Building on its technical background, the team has recently been strengthened in the design sector. “We are now perfectly ready to offer an all-round service for attractively designed modern web projects.”

Because apart from everything else the focus in the new St.Gallen Office is on one thing:  design and development of digital products.

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