Optimise your digital performance

The web and mobile analytics solutions we conceive and implement deliver 360° view on your digital performance, and provide you with a host of actionable insights.

Digital performance is crucial

In this age of new media, companies are increasingly investing in using digital channels and contents to meet their sales and communication needs. Although a vast array of tools are on the market to track how successful your efforts are, it is often difficult to make sense for your business from the massive volumes of data they generate.

To maximise the performance of your digital channels, you have to learn fast and react quickly, thanks to a dedicated analytics solution.

A tailor-made web analytics strategy

Our team of experts will help you design, develop and operate an effective web analytics solution, letting you concentrate on your core business.

Together, we will establish the objectives you want to achieve, based on your business model. We will also help you define the digital KPI's that matter specifically to you. Our solutions can be either integrated to your existing business intelligence processes or set up as a stand-alone system.

We can help you generate transparent and fact-based reports, enable you to introduce any changes at any time, and to review the returns your investments have yielded.

Digital performance analytics in 5 steps


  • Identify objectives
  • Define metrics
  • Identify KPIs


  • Evaluate technical solutions
  • Technical implementation of the strategy
  • Integration with Business Intelligence tools
  • Setup of dashboards and automated reports


  • Regular reporting according to defined KPIs
  • Supporting “new” campaigns


  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization


  • Training your team
  • Personalised coaching


Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360

Google is the leading provider of digital performance trackers. Its “Google Analytics” is a powerful and effective tool a high-performance tool that measures the performance of your digital channels. Google is behind many of the innovations in the fast-moving world of analytics. Google has developed metrics for every imaginable situation, but the sheer volume of options and possibilities on offer require considerable expertise and specialist knowledge to use them.



Sometimes, corporate governance guidelines hampers the use of Google Analytics. Piwik is an alternative solution that businesses can host without contravening their security and data protection rules. Piwik offers similar analytical capabilities as Google Analytics, but without the need of giving third parties access to sensitive data. As an open-source software, Piwik is constantly developed by a large community and can be adapted to the requirements of any customer.

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